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Community building for the European nuclear cha...

An evocative location, a symbolic scenario of challenges and victories, for the team building event organized by Pomilio Blumm and

Communication Academy

A master class cycle with well-known influencers Luca La Mesa and Luca Sofri to enhance the impact of the ISTAT census campaign

Small data and H2H approach

Neuromarketing guru, Marin Lindstrom, reflects on the relationships between big data and small data and the advantages of an embedded

Ideas can engage 35 million viewers in the new ...

10 million users were involved, with over 30 million views and more than five million interactions, and with the participation of top influencers, whose contribution boosted the

Ideas can design videotraining programmes for E...

From logistics to post-production through directing and streaming: the expertise of Pomilio Blumm at the service of the new e-learning program of

Ideas can manage OSCE top profile summit on glo...

Over 40 foreign ministers, 80 heads of delegation, around 1400 delegates and 80 NGOs gathered in Milan in December to discuss the

Animated Video Storytelling for the European re...

Renewing the training program on the admission and relocation process of refugees. This is the aim of the video-storytelling project

Green communication: the campaign for a zero-em...

From public transport to energy, a more sustainable Europe is possible. This is the campaign message signed by Pomilio Blumm for

Citizen empowerment: the European Court of Audi...

The European Court of Auditors has reinvented dialogue with citizens by focusing on the power of animated infographics and social cards. This

NYU Professor Baruch Lev and the value of ideas...

Inventing new processes, training staff, investing in research. Whether it concerns private companies or governmental agencies, the future of the

Human rights and the engagement strategy: the E...

Bringing human rights back to the front and center of the political and social agenda; not only sharing common experiences

Data polling for 2300 jurists at the National C...

Multimedia light games and an innovative electronic voting system in the classical historic spaces of the San Nicolò l'Arena in

Cross-media engagement and viral storytelling i...

Digital and multiplatform: it's the new cross-media campaign realized by Pomilio Blumm for Istat - the Italian National Institute of

Sharing science: EFSA’s conference-event ...

QR code scanners for onsite registration; an app for real-time data-polling and full streaming coverage of the event. The third

Global diplomacy: monarchs, heads of state and ...

An international forum, with heads of state and ministers from 55 countries, gathered in Rome at the Confindustria headquarters to

Binge storytelling: seriality according to the ...

From the traditional series of broadcasting companies to the new storytelling opportunities offered by sharing platforms: Frank Spotnitz, author of

Intangible assets: the guru of the big digital ...

Knowledge and skills, human resources, processes and methods: “intangible” values which become economic and strategic assets in the global competition.

Health communication: interactive data viz to e...

A complex survey conducted on over 80 thousand samples all over Europe has been “translated" into an interactive tool easy-to-read

Smart and social-oriented: President Antonio Ta...

Dialogue, transparency and sharing: the "voice" of institutions is evolving, getting closer to young people and their digital "native" codes.

Visual empowerment for gender sensitivity: an i...

An advanced self-assessment tool to measure the gender "sensitivity" of national parliaments of the EU Member States: the new online service by EIGE, the European

Mimmo Paladino
2014, Rhinoceros
private collection Pomilio Blumm
Peter Beard
1968, Black Rhino
private collection Pomilio Blumm
Andy Warhol
1983, Black Rhinoceros
private collection Pomilio Blumm
Salvador Dalì
1956, Dalì with Rhinoceros
private collection Pomilio Blumm
2009, Jute Rhinoceros
private collection Pomilio Blumm
Alighiero Boetti
1991, Rhinoceros
private collection Pomilio Blumm
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